© 2019 by Jeff Crow for Arkansas State Senate


List of Issues



Jeff is steadfastly Pro Life.  The protection of the unborn will be his highest priority as your State Senator and he will oppose any public funding of Planned Parenthood. 



The ability to provide our children with the best education possible is foundational to the overall success of our state.  Arkansas teachers commit themselves daily to the academic, intellectual, and emotional development of our children and they must be given the resources and support needed to be successful.   Jeff believes that working collaboratively with teachers, administrators, parents, guardians and public officials to achieve greater efficiencies and sustained improvement our schools can consistently graduate students who are well prepared to enter college, technical training, the military or directly enter the workforce.  He applauds the recent pay raises for Arkansas teachers and initiatives such as R.I.S.E. Arkansas which will provide teachers with additional tools to improve the literacy skills of our children.  He will oppose any misguided and punitive legislation such as SB 349 that was introduced by his opponent which offers only consequences and no solutions.   



Jeff believes that public safety is a fundamental service that government provides its citizens.  Arkansas first responders serve daily on the front lines protecting Arkansans.  Having spent most of his professional life as a first responder, Jeff understands how essential it is for our law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services personnel to have our full support as well as the best training and equipment possible to meet this critical need. 

Jeff is committed to working diligently to improve the safety of the most vulnerable of our communities, especially in our schools and churches.  He has consulted with many school administrators, educators, pastors and other citizens about their organizational security and trained hundreds of citizens to respond to a violent attack.  Jeff realizes there is much more that must be done to secure our schools, churches and communities.  His experience and expertise in this critical area will be a tremendous asset in the Arkansas Legislature.



The conditions of the highways of District 13 will be a top priority for Jeff.  Many of our state highways are unsafe and have fallen into disrepair.  He realizes that without well maintained highways, our families’ safety is at risk and that our ability to attract and keep industries in District 13 is diminished.  Jeff appreciates the initiative of the Governor and legislature in passing of a comprehensive highway funding plan in the last legislative session.  He is extremely disappointed that his opponent opposed this needed initiative, especially in the wake of the recent Arkansas Democrat Gazette report that listed Garland, Hot Spring and Saline Counties in the top nine counties of number of traffic fatalities in the state from 2013-2017.  Jeff will refuse to be an obstacle to these critical improvements while the good people of this district and her visitors suffer on unsafe roads.



As an American, Arkansan, veteran, sportsman and career law enforcement officer, Jeff is a strong proponent of our constitutional right to keep and bear arms guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 2, Section 5 of the Arkansas Constitution.   He will oppose any effort that would undermine Arkansans’ right to lawfully possess firearms.

Over Jeff’s 30 plus years as an Arkansas law enforcement officer, lawfully armed citizens have never created any problems or challenges for him as he carried out his duties.  The root cause of gun violence is and will continue to be guns in the hands of criminals.  Jeff believes there are already enough laws to confront this threat to our citizens and that we must provide the brave men and women of law enforcement with the resources and support they need to combat theses violent criminals and ensure they are removed from our communities.



The freedoms we enjoy today are a direct result of the sacrifices of our veterans.   Jeff will work tirelessly to ensure that those who have selflessly served our nation are not forgotten.  Just as they answered the call of their nation, likewise we will be there for them.



Jeff is a supporter of a conservative fiscal policy.  He believes that one of the most important principles anyone in public service must understand is that the good stewardship of the people’s money is nonnegotiable.   Like all Arkansas taxpayers, he believes that public funds should only be utilized for their intended purposes and never for the personal enrichment of those who hold positions of public trust or their political cronies.  He will not passively watch in silence while others steal public funds.   Jeff believes that all areas of government, including the legislature, should be accountable and operate transparently, seeking continuous improvement and always striving for greater efficiencies when tax payer’s dollars are being spent.         



Until 1995, Arkansas’s nickname was “The Land of Opportunity”.   While Jeff believes that our state is rich with opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and dream big, he also recognizes that far too many of our best and brightest young people are leaving our state as they enter their professional lives after college or technical training.   Jeff agrees with the findings of Governor Hutchison’s recently formed Arkansas Innovation Council in that we must expand our knowledge-based economy within our fundamental economic sectors to create economic growth and greater opportunities for Arkansans.  By capitalizing on our knowledge-based assets such as universities and research centers and the talent they create and attract and increased engagement between industry, universities, startups and state government, Jeff believes we will realize economic growth and rightfully reclaim the nickname of “The Land of Opportunity”.